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In October 2017, Goodnight Songs was released as a board book.

Singer/Songwriters Tom Proutt and Emily Gary have recorded poems of Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Songs: A Celebration of the Seasons and Goodnight Songs!


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Praise for Goodnight Songs
“It’s a treasure trove . . . the simple rhymes have Brown’s trademark charm . . . Each song is presented on one double-page spread, each illustrated by a different artist  . . . children will enjoy the whimsical scenes, and adult mavens of children’s literature will appreciate and delight in the background of the discovery.” —Kirkus Reviews


Full featured article about Tom and Emily written by our friends, The Battersby Duo






A letter written to us from  early education teacher, Renée Huval:

 Dear Tom and Emily,
I’ve loved and gravitated to Margaret Wise Brown poems~books for so long .
Last spring her 2 new books found me : Good Night Songs and Celebration of the Seasons poems illustrated and put to music… The beautiful work you’ve done to put these poems to music is a huge treasure.
I’m just a passionate Early Childhood Educator now working in a wonderful Elementary school. Well, I have a couple locally famous puppets and I love singing; I play guitar and flutes (tin being my favourite). I’m shy with it except with children.

My first favourite is the Secret Song. Right away I wrote it out on big flip sheet paper drawing the pictures along the side from beautiful illustration. I got to share it with the Kindergarten class a little last spring and left it for the teacher hoping it to bring in more music. Last year we had no music teacher /classes.

Yesterday, our music teacher was absent and there was no available teacher sub. My principle came to me and asked if I would have a go at it, that she’d pop in and support me if I needed it. The first thing I thought of was the secret song I’d left for the K. Teacher. I had my puppets, my tin flute and best of all The Secret song. I didn’t have my CD. We just sang it. We had so much fun with it. I shared my verse “ Who saw the Moon drop down on the Mountain? “I said the seal it happened so soon.” Then the kids came up with some … “Who saw the leaves wind from the tree, “I said the grass-hopper , they couldn’t stop-her.” It was a very joyful day of 6 back to back music classes, sharing The Secret Song with so many. Is it ¾ time ? Have you thought of putting out a song book ? Would you share the chords for it ?

The funny thing was when I went to the book store that day I was wishing to find or order Around the World We Go by Margaret . I’d been thinking like crazy how to put it to a melody. I’d love to hear what you would do with it. If you are not familiar with it, oh, check it out. So then my surprise with the 2 new books to music /voices perfect … . I started a lettre last spring and lost it after going on at least as long as the above. I hope I can get this to you.

Renée Huval
Sevilla Island,
Lund, BC



Hear our songs on NPR!


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